Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dinner at Highland Kitchen

今日はまたまたお気に入りのレストラン、Highland Kitchen へやって来ました。

Tonight we came again to Highland Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants in Boston.

As usual, the restaurant was very crowded.

First I ordered one of today's special, a cup of sweet potato soup.  It was sweet (in a good way) and spicy.  I loved it!

My husband went for the crispy pork belly tacos (with tamarind hot sauce, pickled red onion and cotija cheese).

The pork belly was really crispy and a good match with the sweet, sour and a bit spicy tamarind sauce.

For the main dish, I opted for the cheese burger.

I ordered it medium.  It came with the mixed green (or french fries), pickles and caramelized red onion.  The meat was very juicy.

My husband tried the fish and chips.  This was the first time we ordered this dish here.

It was not bad at all (the fish itself was very juicy), but compared to the best fish and chips we ever had, some parts of the batter were a bit soggy.  But overall it was much better than the average.  We'll be back soon~.

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