Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinner at Penang

今日はチャイナタウンにあるマレーシア料理のお店、Penang へ夕食を食べにやって来ました。

Today we came to Penang, a Malaysian restaurant in China Town.

This is the home made roti canai (crispy style pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce) which we always order at this restaurant.  I love this bread which is very thin but chewy – very good with the curry sauce.

And this is also our must-order item, the Hainanese chicken (half size).  As usual, I only ate white meat and my husband ate dark meat.  The meat itself is very light but with the hot sauce, it is very good with rice.

For the rice, the steamed-chicken flavored rice is the best match with this dish.

We also ordered the watercress with preserved bean curd paste.

And this is the crystal noodles in gravy sauce, which we have never ordered before.

The noodles were very short (1~1.5 inch long), and the soup was probably chicken base and thick in texture but very light in flavor.  It was not bad, but not very tasty, either.  I wouldn’t order it again next time.
そしてデザートに夫の好物、ABC という名前のかき氷。ABC という名前の由来はわかりませんがバラのシロップと練乳 (?) のかかった氷の下には小豆、緑豆、ゼリーやその他色々なものが隠れています。日本のかき氷とは違いかなりこってり味。おなかいっぱいで満足。残った分は持って帰って次の日の夕ご飯になりました。

And for the dessert, we shared my husband’s favorite, the shaved ice called “ABC”.  I don’t know why it is called ABC, but the shaved ice comes with red bean, corn, plam seeds, jelly, red rose syrup and milk.  We were both very full and satisfied at the end of the meal.  We brought the leftover home and had it for dinner next day!

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