Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lunch at Shanghai Gate

今日は近くまで来たついでに久しぶりに石庫門 (Shanghai Gate) でお昼ご飯を食べることにしました。

Today we stopped at Shanghai Gate for lunch after  finishing some errands in the neighborhood.

白菜拌干絲 (白菜とお豆腐を胡麻油で和えた物)。これは超薄味で、私にはちょっと物足りない感じ。

This is the sliced napa cabbage and dried tofu in sesame oil.  I tasted only sesame oil - I prefer it with a little bit of saltiness....
薺菜肉絲年糕 (お餅の薄切りと豚肉、葱 (?) を炒めたもの)。これは私の好物。

The sliced rice cake sauteed with pork and Chinese leek.  This is my favorite dish at this restaurant.
これは夫の同僚お勧めの腌篤鮮 (豚肉、ベーコン、お豆腐、筍入りのスープ)。うわ~、これはかなり苦手な味。スープ自体はあっさり塩味なのですが、それが豚肉の臭みを引き立ててる感じ。生姜か何か、臭い消しになるものが入ってればよかったのですが。夫もあまり気に入らなかったようですがそれでもがんばって一人で食べてました。かなり残してしまいましたが。

My husband heard from his colleague that this soup (lean pork, bacon, tofu, bumboo shoots in broth) was tasty, so we ordered it - but unfortunately this was not for me...  The soup itself was very light, but this light flavor seeped to enhance the (not good) smell of pork.  I wished ginger or something similar had been in it to get rid of the smell.  I don't think my husband liked it, either, but he had several bowls (but we did not finish most of it).
これは唐辛子入りの鳥の唐揚 (楽山川椒鶢)。これは普通においしかったです。このレストランには以前にも何回か来たことがありますが、どうやら私はあまり上海料理は好きではないようです。

This is the fried chicken with cili pepper.  This was spicy and good.  We have visited this restaurant several times, but I realized that I don't like Shanghai cuisine very much (compared to Chinese food in other regions)....

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