Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lunch at Muqueca and Ice Cream at Christina's

今日はケンブリッジにある New Deal Fish Market にお魚を買いに行きました。ここは日本人好みの新鮮なお魚が買えるので、ボストン周辺在住の日本人 (もちろんアメリカ人にも) に大人気のお店です。今日の目的は甘エビだったのですが (めちゃくちゃ安くておいしい)、先週の大雪で漁師さんが漁にいけなかったため今日はないといわれてしまいました。お店に行った時間も遅めだったのであまりめぼしいお魚も残っておらず、とりあえず鮭のかまだけ買って帰りました (塩焼きにしたら、脂がのっていてと~ってもおいしかったです)。

Today we went to New Deal Fish Market, a fish market in Cambridge.  This fish market has a lot of fresh fish and other seafood that Japanese people like (but difficult to get at other fish markets) , so it is very popular by Japanese (and by Americans as well) who live in the Boston area.  The main purpose for our visit today was sweet shrimp (very cheap but sooo tasty), but because of the snow storm we had last week fishermen could not go for fishing and thus they did not have any...  So we just bought two pieces of salmon collar (I grilled them at home, and they were so fatty and tasty) .

その後、どこかで遅めのお昼ごはんを食べようということになり、同じ通りにある Muqueca というブラジル料理のお店に行ってきました。ここはシーフードがメインのブラジル料理店です。

After fish shopping, we wanted to have the late lunch, and decided to go to Muqueca, a Brazilian restaurant, on the same street (near Inman Square).  This restaurant offers the dishes from the region of Espírito Santo (lots of seafood).
これは moqueca と呼ばれる、ブラジルの Espírito Santo 地方で食べられているシーフードシチュー。シーフードはもちろんのこと、トマトやコリアンダー (香草) たっぷりでとてもおいしい!クレイポットに入って出されるので、時間が経っても冷めにくく熱々を楽しめます。

This is the dish called "moqueca", Brazilian style seafood stew.  Lots of seafood (fish, shrimp, mussels) in the tomato based sauce.  It also had a lot of cilantro (I love it).  Very tasty!  It is served in a clay pot, which can keep the stew warm for a quite long time.
これは moqueca に付いてきた pirão というお魚のグレービー (スープよりももっととろみがあります)。

This is called "pirão", kind of fish gravy, came with the moqueca. 

It also came with rice.

We also ordered the fried whole red snapper.  It was crispy outside and we loved it, too.
お魚の下にはプランテインの揚げたもの (甘くてとろとろ、絶品です)、フライドポテトや生野菜もあって、これもボリュームたっぷり。

Underneath the fish were fried plantains, french fries and some fresh vegetables.  I also loved the plantains (so soft and sweet).

The container of hot sauce (quite hot) was on each table.  The fried fish was even tastier with this sauce.
昼食後、おなかいっぱいでおまけに外は極寒なのに、夫がアイスクリームを食べると言い張るのでレストラン近くの Christina's へ。ここは私たちの大好きな手作りアイスクリームのお店です。

After the lunch, I was so full and it was very cold outside but my husband insisted to get some ice cream at Christina's (also in Inman Square).  We love this ice cream shop and come frequently (in summer).

They always have ~40 different flavors of ice cream.
ラムレーズンとメープルウォルナッツ。ラムレーズンはラムの味がしっかり付いていて大人の味 (?)。メープルウォルナッツも甘すぎなくておいしい。寒い冬 (外は -10 度以下) に暖かいお店の中で食べるアイスクリームもなかなか乙なものですね。

We ordered a cup of ram raisens and maple walnuts.  The ram raisens had a very strong ram flavor.  The maple walnuts was not too sweet and good, too.  It was actually good to eat ice cream in a warm room while it was very cold (~15°F) outside!

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