Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trip to London, UK - Day 1 (2)


We got off the subway at the Westminster station.  Big Ben was right in front of us when we came up to the ground.

First we went to Westminster Abbey.

I visited here 20 years ago, but don't remember anything...
寺院の中では写真撮影は付加だったので写真はありません (これは夫がこっそり一枚撮った天井の写真)。歴代の王・女王や政治家はもちろんのこと、シェークスピアやニュートンなどもここに埋葬されています。

It was not allowed to take pictures inside, so we don't have any pictures (my husband secretly took one picture of the ceiling).  Not only kings/queens/politicians, but Newton, Shakespeare, and many other famous people are buried here. 

It was allowed to take pictures outside the building.  I did not feel very comfortable inside maybe because so many bodies are buried there, so was glad to come outside - very refreshing.

After leaving the Abbey, we crossed the Westminster Bridge and went to the south side of the Thames.  From the bridge, you can see the beautiful Westminster Palace and Big Ben.

On the other side is London Eye which did not exist 20 years ago.  So we'll try it later
橋を渡りきってさらにてくてく歩いて目的のレストラン、Master Super Fish へお昼ご飯を食べにやって来ました!

After crossing the bridge, we continued walking and came to Master Super Fish for lunch.

My husband ordered the French beer in London.  Why, oh, why?

The bread and boiled shrimp were served after we placed our order.

夫は隣のテーブルの人たちが食べているのを見て、turbot というカレイに似たお魚のグリルを注文。超巨大で私達の顔より大きいです。これに、お皿いっぱいのフライドポテトも付いてきます。味もカレイに似てあっさりしていておいしい! 

My husband saw people sitting at the next table eating a whole grilled turbot, and ordered the same one.  It was huge - bigger than my face.  It came with lots of fries as well.  The fish was perfectly cooked and tasted light but good.


I ordered the fish and chips (I chose cod).  The fish was quite big.

It was very crunch outside but juicy inside.  The fries were also very, very good.  I didn't feel the fish and fries oily at all.  This is the best fish and chips I've ever had!  I strongly recommend this restaurant!

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