Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 4 (2)(台中 (Taichun) 一泊旅行)


Driving for ~2 hours on the narrow winding road from Taichun city center, we arrived at our hotel, Villa Spa.

When we called the hotel in advance, we were told that we didn't need a reservation (I guess it is depending on the season; you may need a reservation on weekends/vacation seasons).  After arriving, you can choose the room you like.

This was the room we selected.  It was vary spacious and included the bed room, living room, and private hot spring bath.  It was very inexpensive, too - ~$150 per night (with dinner and breakfast).

The bathroom (and bath tabs) in our room was huge - 7~8 people can fit in the bath tab.

There were two bath tabs in our room; the left one was for hot (warm) water and the right one was for cold water.

The "theme" of this hotel appeared to be Bali.  Very tropical looking. 

The hotel has the outside hot spring bath as well.


You need to wear a bathing suit in the outside bath.  Since we did not bring our bathing suits (although you could buy in the hotel if you'd like) we did not use the outside bath.

After taking a bath, we had dinner at the restaurant inside the hotel.  Well, the dinner was very disappointing (although our main purpose to visit here was the hot spring, not food, but still...).  This dish was mushrooms harvested around the area.

Sautéed vegetables.

Soup with Chinese herbs.  It had a very strong smell from herbs.  I am sure it is good for your body, but I didn't really like it.

Fried pork.

Fish.  Not very good...

After the dinner, we took a walk, came back to our room, and took a bath again!  Feeling so good.

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