Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 5 (台中 (Taichun) - 台北 (Taipei))


Breakfast was a weired combination of western style and Taiwanese style, and was not very appealing to my apetite.  So I did not eat much (this picture is my husband's plate).  But it was good break for my stomach as I had been over-eating since we arrived at Taiwan.

After the breakfast, we took a bath again, and then walked around the hoetl.

A long suspension bridge.

There was a very big earthquake a while ago.  The building (used to be a hotel) on the left side in this picture was half destroyed by the earthquake and since then it hasn't been fixed.

After enjoying the hot spring very much, we drove back to Taipei.

For lunch, we came to the same porridge restaurant again (see the map below).  I never get tired of this restaurant.

There were still so many dishes that I hadn't tried.
食後のデザートを食べるため、最近できた Joël Robuchon のカフェへ。レストランも同じビルの中にあります。

For dessert, we went to the cafe by Joël Robuchon in the recently opened building.
お店に入ると、"Bon Jour!" と妙に訛ったフランス語で出迎えてもらえます。

At the entrance, we were greeted with "Bon Jour!" (with strong Taiwanese accent).

The interior design of his restaurants/cafes is same everywhere in the world.

Our cakes were good, too.

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