Friday, March 12, 2010

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 1 (Boston - 台北 (Taipei))


Leaving for Taiwan and Japan to see our family (my husband's in Taipei and mine in Kyoto)!  My husband was already in Taipei (he left one week earlier), so I had to fly alone.

Flew with Delta from Boston to Detroit, then to Tokyo (Narita) and finally to Taipei.

I arrived at Taipei at ~10 pm.  My husband came to pick me up and went to a porridge restaurant (see the map below).  This restaurant is not the cleanest restaurant in the world, but I really love their food.

Some kind of green vegetable.

Squid, fried fish and cucumber pickles.

And all you can eat porridge.  When I eat here, I feel that I am in Taiwan.

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