Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dinner at 94 Mass Ave

今日は、今年の1月か2月にオープンしたばかりのレストラン、94 Mass Ave へ行ってきました。レストランはその名のとおり 94 Mass(achusetts) Ave(nue) という住所にあります。

Today we tried 94 Mass Ave, a restaurant opened in January or February this year.  As its name indicates, the restaurant is located at 94 Mass(achusetts) Ave(nue).


This restaurant serves small plates which are for sharing with your dining companions.
私は飲み物にアイスティーを頼んだのですが、品切れでないとのこと。まだ土曜日の6時過ぎ、しかもアイスティーというなくなってもすぐ作れるような飲み物がないとはどういうこと? ちょっとむっとしたのでほかの飲み物は頼まずに (無料の) 水だけ飲むことに。

I ordered the iced tea, and was told it was out of stock!  What do you mean by this?  How difficult to make iced tea? And it was only 6 pm on Saturday!! I was not very happy so just asked for a glass of water (which was of course free).

My husband ordered Blue Moon.

The aranchini.

The middle part was still cold...

The grilled artichokes.  This was not bad and actually this was my favoriet for the day.

The braised short rib on top of sliced potatoes.

The steak knife came with the dish, but the meat was so small that I could eat it all with just one bite and didn't even have to use it!  The meat was very tender, but the sauce was too sweet for my taste.

The braised duck spring rolls.

The tian mian jiang flavored sauce made the spring rolls taste slightly (only very slightly) similar to Peking duck.

We ordered the Cajun spiced mahi mahi tacos, but it was not available, either.  I don't understand why the restaurant was not ready for weekend's crowds...  Anyway, we ordered the pork tacos instead, which was recommended by our waiter.

It tasted good, but the tortilla absorbed the juice from the canned pineapples and it became very fragile and difficult eat.

The sauteed sage gnocchi.

I didn't care for this dish too much.  I didn't like the combination of gnocchi and valsamic vinegar..

The dessert plate.

The profiterole.  I think the puff was too thick.

The molten chocolate cake.  This was my husband's favorite, but I am not a chocolate person, so ate only one bite.

The cheese cake.  This was my favorite.  Well, I liked the concept of this restaurant, but the execution   needs to be improved.  I think the better use of this restaurant is to drink and just order one or two dishes.

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