Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brunch at Chung Shin Yuan

先日自分のブログの昔のエントリーを見ていて、そういえば最近中興園 (Chung Shin Yuan) にブランチ食べに行ってないな~と思い、いったんそう思うとどうしても食べたくなったので、友人夫妻を誘って早速行ってきました。ちょっと早めに行って、レストランのすぐ近くにあるチャールズ川沿いを Poirot とお散歩。

The other day I was reading one of my old blog entries and realized that we hadn't been to Chung Shin Yuan for a quite long time.  And once I thought about it, I couldn't stop thinking about it and decided to go there today with our friends.  We went there earlier and walked in nearby Charles River Reservation with Poirot.

The upper part of Charles River looks totally  different from its mouth.  It is much quieter here.
Poirot は水嫌いのくせして水の近くに行きたがります。

Poirot doesn't like to get into water, but always wants to go near water.
これは鴨なのでしょうか? それとも違う種類なのでしょうか?

Are these geese or another kind of birds??
この橋の上から鴨にパンくずをやっている人がいて、Poirot の全神経はそのパンくずに集中。それはあなたのじゃありません!

Someone was giving geese bread crumbs from this bridge, and all of Poirot's attention was to the bread crumbs!  These are not for you, Poirot!! 

After the walk, we met our friends at the restaurant, and started our brunch.  These are the fried dough.

The sweet soy milk.  Dip the fried dough into the milk and eat it!

My two favorite dishes, the soybean noodle salad and seaweed salad.

The pan fried white turnip cakes.

And our must-have, the shao-bing with five spiced beef sandwich. 

The shao-bing (dough) was very  crispy.  Yum, yum.

The minced pork wrapped in soybean skin.
粉蒸雙味(スペアリブと豚の腸を蒸したもの)。ここまでは前回私たち夫婦だけで来たとき注文したものと (油條以外は) 全く同じ。

The steamed spareribs and chitlins.  All these dishes were exactly the ones that we ordered (except for the fried dough) when we came last time (just two of us).
今回は4人なのでもっと色々な種類が食べられると思ったのですが、友人夫妻は少食のようで、今回新たに頼んだのはこの牛肉麺だけ (写真を撮る前に夫がかき混ぜてしまったので見た目が汚いですが)。なんか、私達はやっぱり食べ過ぎだとちょっと反省してしまいました。

I originally thought we could order more dishes as we were a group of 4, but apparently our friends did not have a big appetite like us and this beef noodle was the only additional dish we had (my husband mixed the noodles before taking a picture, so it looks ugly here).  Now I know we eat too much!
帰りの車の中ではお疲れの Poirot 君がいつものように爆睡してました。

As usual, Poirot was sleeping like a baby on the way home...

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