Friday, May 6, 2011

North End with Poirot

今日は夕食後、急に思い立って North End に散歩に行くことにしました。金曜の夜なのでたぶん車を止める場所が見つからないだろうということで、地下鉄に乗っていくことにしました。Poirot も地下鉄には何度か乗ったことがあるのでおとなしくしていました。

Tonight after dinner we suddenly decided to go to North End.  This time we took T (Boston subway is called "T" by locals) since it was the Friday night and we thought it was difficult to find a parking spot.  Poirot had taken T several times before, so he behaved OK on the train.
地下鉄の駅を出て、まずは観光客に人気の Quincy Market へ向かって歩きます。

From Haymarket Station we walked to Quincy Market, a popular place for tourists.

These days the day time is getting longer and longer, and it was still light even after 8 pm when we were there.
さらに歩いて North End へと向かいます。

We kept walking toward North End.
North End を少し歩き回った後、Caffe Dello Sport で一休み。ここは外にテーブルがあって、いつも空いているので Poirot と一緒のときはよく来ます。2,3件隣の Mike's Pastry はいつも人であふれかえっていますが、正直言ってどこがいいのかわかりません。全然おいしくないと思うのですが。

After walking around North End, we took  a break at Caffe Dello Sport where we usually come with Poirot because it has tables outside and is not crowded.  2~3 doors down is Mike's Pastry which is always crowded with so many people, but honestly I don't understand why it is so popular.  In my opinion, their pastries are not good at all..
Poirot は私達が何かおいしいものでも食べてるんじゃないかと思ってじ~っと私達の顔を見つめています。

Poirot was staring at our faces, thinking we were eating something good (behind his back).
かわいそうなので、Poirot にも犬用のチキンをやることに。

I felt sorry for him, I showed him a piece of dried chicken (for dogs).
Poirot はチキンを見て超興奮 (興奮しすぎて震えてました)。真剣な顔でチキンを見つめています。

When he saw it, he got so excited that he was shaking.  He was looking at it desperately. 

It finally got dark by the time we went home.  It is very nice to go out when it is warm.  We'll take advantage of Boston's nice spring/summer weather (not too hot/humid) as much as possible!

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