Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poirot's Best Buddy

今週末は Poirot の大親友、来福君が私達の家に泊まりに来ています。二匹とも大興奮! 二匹いると色々笑えることをやらかしてくれます。

This weekend,  Poirot's best buddy, Laifu is staying with us at our place.  These two got so excited when they saw each other.  Together, they did a lot of funny things!

They chased each other in the backyard, then Laifu peed first.
Poirot は真剣にその場所のにおいをかいだ後、

Poirot checked the spot very seriously then,

He peed on the same spot.  During Laifu's stay, they did the same thing every time - when one of them did pee, the other immediately peed back on the same spots.

"Hey Laifu, I think it might be  possibly, probably...."
"僕のローハイドだと思うんだけど....。何で来福君が食べてるの? 僕も食べたいんだけどな~..."

"My raw hide, isn't it??  Why are you eating it?  I want to eat it, too..."
自分のおもちゃを来福君に取られてしまい、取り返したいんだけどできなくて、ただじ~っと恨めしそうに見つめる Poirot。普段は大威張りのくせに肝心なときには弱気で笑えます。

Laifu took Poirot's raw hide.  Poirot wanted to get it back from him, but he didn't have courage to do so and just staring at Laifu chewing it.  Poirot usually acts big, but actually he easily gets intimidated.  So funny. 

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