Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brunch at Tico

Back Bay にあるレストラン、Tico では最近日曜日にブランチを始めたので行ってみることにしました。以前夕食を食べに来たときはメニューが読めないくらい店内が暗かったのですが、さすがにお昼間は日が差して明るいです。

Tico, the restaurant in Back Bay, recently started serving brunch on Sundays, and today we went there to try.  When we visited here for dinner last time, it was so dark that it was read the menu, but during the day time a lot of sun light was coming through the windows.

We came in at 11:30 am (right after it opened), so not many people were here yet.

First we ordered coffee, which was served in the individual pots.

I ordered the spicy duck confit and green chile hash, which came with 2 poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise.  The duck was bit too oily for me.

My husband ordered the fried shrimp po'boy.  It accompanied with French fries - a very big portion.

I think 4 or 5big  shrimp in the sandwich, which tasted fresh.  The bread was also good and my husband liked it very much.
食後は Poirot と一緒にお散歩。ボストンは春爛漫。Copley Square ではチューリップが咲き誇っています。

After the brunch we walked around Coply Square with Poirot.  Tulips were in full bloom and so beautiful.

They were very colorful and just by looking at them made me happy and appreciate the spring season.

The reflection of Trinity Church on the wall of the building.
Poirot もうれしそうにあちこちをチェックしながら歩いてました。

Poirot looked very happy, too, and was checking out everything he saw. 

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