Friday, May 13, 2011

Dinner at Foundry on Elm

今日は夫のリクエストで Davis Square にある Foundry on Elm に行くことに。家からも近く、車を止めるところも比較的簡単に見つかるので疲れている金曜日には便利です。8時に予約したのですが、着いたときはまだ席が空いてなくて15分ほど待たされました。

Tonight my husband suggested going to Foundry on Elm in Davis Square.  It is close to our home and relatively easy to find a parking spot, so it is convenient for us especially on Fridays when we are very tired.  I made a reservation at 8 pm, but we had to wait a little bit until our table became ready.

Since it was the Friday night, the restaurant was very crowded (especially in the bar area).  Unfortunately our table was neat the bar area and it was very noisy, but I was so hungry that all my focus was on food and I didn't mind the noise level too much.

First we ordered the mushroom and cheese (I forgot what kind of cheese it was) flat bread.

The bread was very thin and light.  It was very good.

I ordered the Cobb salad.  It had chicken, bacon, eggs and fresh vegetables.  I loved the creaminess of avocado.  Also, the dressing was served separately, so I didn't have to eat the salad floating in the dressing which is often the case when I order any salad.

My husband ordered the dry-aged sirloin.  It came with the Cajun dirty rice and okura gambo.

The meat was properly cooked and juicy.  I liked the spiciness of the rice and gambo.  He couldn't finish it, so we took it home and had it as a part of our breakfast next morning.

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