Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinner at Exchange Street Bistro

今夜は久しぶりに近所の Exchange Street Bistro へ夕食を食べにきました。近くなので思い立ったらすぐ来られて便利。

Tonight we came to our neighbourhood restaurant, Exchange Street Bistro, for dinner.  This is the restaurant we visit when we don't feel like cooking but are too tired to go to the city and don't want to eat Chinese takeout.

It is always relatively busy, and especially today all the bar seats were occupied and the main dining tables were also ~80% full.

My husband ordered some beer.

As an appetizer, we ordered the PEI mussels.
かなりたくさんのムール貝が。さらにベーコン、空豆 (Fava beans) 等も入っていてまずまず。

In the big pan were quite a lot of mussels.  It also had Fava beans, pieces of bacon, etc - it was not bad.

My husband ordered the scallops wrapped with Serano ham.

He gave me one, and the scallop was very succulent and good.

I ordered the veal saltimbocca.

Under the meat many potato gnocchi were hidden.  it was a very big portion.  The sauce was a tad too sweet for me but the meat was tender.

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