Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip to France Day 9 (1) (Paris)


We have to go back to US tomorrow.  Today is the shopping day to get some souvenirs.  First, we had breakfast at a cafe.


Smart car twins.

Jaques Genin へチョコレートとキャラメルを買いに。お店のウェブサイトはないようです。

We visited Jaques Genin to get some chocolates and caramels.

La Chocolaterie de Jaques Genin
133, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
T. : +


Very beautiful.


I like their chocolates, but LOVE their caramels!  They melt in your mouth.  I could fly to Paris just to buy their caramels.  I regret I should have bought more.


It was very hot today, and I was worried that our chocolates and caramels would melt, so we came back to our hotel to leave our shopping bags and then went out again.


For lunch, we had steak and


Carpaccio at a restaurant near our hotel.

その後サンジェルマンにある Pierre Hermé へ。この写真ではわかりにくいですが Kiehl's の隣です。

After lunch, we went to Pierre Hermé in St. German (the shop is next to Kiehl's).


When we came here last year, we could take pictures inside the shop, but this time, we were not allowed to do so (this is the only shot my husband took).  So we were a little upset and came out without buying anything.


Then we took metro to l'église de la Madeleine.  There are many luxury brand shops in this area, but I did not buy anything this time...


We found various different flavors of mustard at Maille.  We bought some of them (truffle flavor, etc).



A tree made of macarons.


Sweets in France are decorated very elegantly.


But they are sometimes too sweet for me, and thus I can't eat too many of them (I guess this is a good thing).


Macaron de cassis.  I realized during this trip that I don't like macarons too much (but I like to look at them).  I guess it is because they are too sweet (especially cream/ganache part).  I may like to eat outside only.

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