Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to France Day 5 (3) (Tours)

今日のディナーは La Roche Le Roy で。ミシュラン1つ星です。

For tonight's dinner, we went to La Roche Le Roy , a Michelin 1 star restaurant.

This restaurant is in the mansion built in the 18th century.  The restaurant is in this building.

It has a nice garden as well, and in summer you can enjoy dinner outside.

Amuse bouche No. 1.

Amuse bouche No. 2.  Homard mousse.  It had very strong flavor of homard and very good!

Local white wine.  We liked this wine very much.

We ordered "Menu Carte Blanche" (chef''s surprise menu), consisted of 5-course (appetizer, fish, meat, cheese, dessert).  We were asked if we had anything we didn't like, so we told we didn't like kidney dish (which we tried at the first night).  This was the appetizer (egg, bacon and asparagus - I felt like I was eating breakfast).

This was the scallops with "Oriental" flavor.  I think it was more like Moroccan than Oriental, though.
お肉料理。ここで出てきたのはなんと子牛の胸腺 (sweetbread)。腎臓が嫌いといった私たちにsweetbread を出すとは。確かに sweetbread がだめとはいわなかったけど、言わなくてもその辺は察して欲しかった...。ソースとマッシュルームはおいしかったんだけど、sweetbread は得意ではないので2,3口食べた後、全部夫に食べてもらいました。彼は(たとえ好きではないものでも)何でも食べられるので、こんなとき助かります。

This is the meat dish.  They gave us veal sweetbread (ris de veau)!  We told them we didn't like kidney and they gave us sweetbread!  Yeah, I know we didn't tell them we didn't want sweetbread, but I wish they could read between the lines...  The sauce and mushrooms were very tasty, but I am not very good at sweetbread, so I gave most of them to my husband.  Glad he can eat anything!

Goat cheese.  It was not too strong, and it also had olive and paprika paste, so I could manage eating it.

Dessert.  By the time we were more than too full, and we could not finish it all.

Small treats at the end.  Even mu husband could not finish them all...

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