Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to France Day 8 (1) (Paris)


Breakfast at the cafe next to our hotel.  Croissants and espresso (€12 for two).  I think it was overpriced, but the cafe is located in the touristic area. so it was understandable.

これもホテルのすぐ近くの Gerard Mulot。いくつかお土産を買いました。

This shop (Gerard Mulot) is also near our hotel.  We got some souveniors.


Various sweets.


And very colorful macarons.


Everything looked so delicious.

Gerard Mulot の向かい側にある、Pierre Marcolini。ブリュッセルに本店がありますが、NY や東京にもお店があるそうです。

Pierre Marcolini across the street from Gerard Mulot.  It is originally from Bruxelles, but now they have shops in NY, Tokyo and several other cities.


Thier chocolates have interesting flavors such as black peppers and saffuron.


After shopping, we went for lunch.  We had some time until our reservation and thus took a break at a park near the restaurant.

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