Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trip to France Day 6 (1) (Tours)

今日は楽しみにしていたシュノンソー城(Château de Chenonceau)へ。

Today we visited Château de Chenonceau.  I was looking forward to it very much!

Walking among trees, 

The beautiful castle greeted us!   It was built on the site of an old mill on the River Cher.  The château was seized by Francis I.
フランソワ一世に献上されたお城は、彼の死後(1559 年)、息子のアンリ二世によって愛妾のディアーヌ・ド・ポワチエに贈られます。でもアンリ二世が1547 年に死ぬと、彼の妻で摂政のカトリーヌ・ド・メディシスはディアーヌをなかば城から追い出すようにして、ショーモン城と無理やり交換させたらしいです。2人の間でどんなやり取りがあったのか考えるとちょっと怖いかも。

After Francis' death in 1547, his son, Henry II offered the château as a gift to his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, who became fervently attached to the château along the river.  However, after Henry II died in 1559, his widow and regent Catherine de' Medici had Diane expelled.  Because the estate no longer belonged to the crown, she could not seize it outright, but forced Diane to exchange it for the Château Chaumont.

The Marques Tower.

In rebuilding the château in the 16th century, Thomas Bohier razed the castle-keep and the fortified mill of the Marques family, erecting the new château upon the piers of the former mill and keeping only the ancient donjon, the Marques Tower.

A painting of Catherine de' Medici in Diane de Poitiers' bedroom...  She was painted as an evil woman (at least it looked that way to me).

The bed for Diane de Poitiers.

In addition, the château has the bedroom for Catherine de' Medici as well as rooms for Catherine's daughters.  The bedroom No. 1.

Bedroom No. 2.

Bedroom No. 3.

Bedroom No. 4.  This room was for Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont.  Following the assassination of her husband King Henry III by the monk Jacques Clémentshe retired to Chenonceau in meditation and prayer.  The room is decorated with mourning objects: silver tears, widows' cordons, crowns of thorns and the Greek letter, lambda, Louise's initial, intertwined with the H of Henry III.

A view from the window No. 1.

A view from the window No. 2.

The château has a (huge) kitchen, of course.

I am more familiar with the kitchen than the gorgeous château..

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