Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip to France Day 9 (2) (Paris)

フランスでの最後の夕食は Frederic Simonin で。このレストランは4月にオープンしたばかりです。シェフの Frederic はまだ若い(多分32~33歳)のに実力派で、自分のレストランをオープンする前は、MeuriceTaillevent などの名門レストランで修行し、一番最近では Joël Robuchon に頼まれて、La Table de Joël Robuchon (始めはパリで、その後ロンドンで)のシェフとして腕を振るっていました。

The last dinner in France was at Frederic Simonin.  This restaurant was just opened in this April.  The Chef Frederic is very young (I guess 32~33 yo), but very talented.  Before opening his own restaurant he trained at various well-known restaurants including Meurice and Taillevent, and most recently he was the chef at La Table de Joël Robuchon (he was asked to become the chef there by Joël Robuchon himself).

インテリアは黒と白でまとめられたコンテンポラリーで、 どちらかというと L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon のレストランに雰囲気的には似ています。配色は違いますけどね。

The interior is very contemporary.  I think it is more like L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon although the color combination is different.


The bread was unbelievably tasty.  I wanted to eat more, but restrained myself as I didn't wanted to be too full before the meal.


The white wine we selected.


The red wine.  Well, it was the Italian...


Amuse bouche.  I forgot its name, but I believe it was mousse of foie gras, egg, and parmigiano.

Les Legumes。立体的で見た目がすごくきれいです。

Les Legumes.  It was very 3D.


It was just vegetable salad, but there were various vegetables with different textures.  Oregano cracker (?) underneath the vegetables gave a good accent.  It was simple but very delicious.

Le Coquillage "Couteau D'ecosse"。まて貝(?英語では Rasor clam) とマッシュルームのガーリックソース。パンでお皿をすくってソースまで全部きれいに食べてしまいました。

Le Coquillage "Couteau D'ecosse".  Rasor clams and muchrooms with garlic sauce.  Sooo good.  We cleaned the plate very well, enjoying the last drop of sauce with bread.

Le Saint Pierre。マトウダイのソテーゆず風味ねぎとCockle (貝の一種;日本語で何という貝なのかわかりません) 添え。

Le Saint Pierre.  They used yuzu (Japanese citrus), in the sauce which I LOVED.

La Caille des Domels。鶉のソテーフォワグラ詰め。ソースがちょっと照り焼き風味で、なんとなく焼き鳥っぽい味。

La Caille des Domels.  Quail with foie gras inside.  The sauce was a little bit teriyaki-like.

Le Souffle。ゆず風味のスフレと黒糖のアイスクリーム。熱々ふわふわ。

Le Souffle.  Yuzu-flavored souffle and brown sugar ice cream.  Yummy, so yummy.

L'ecrin Meringue。


Open the cover, and you can see raspberry ice cream and yogurt sorbet.  

食後のコーヒー。満腹でおなかがはちきれそうです。このレストランのレビューを読んだ時、おいしいけど値段が高いというコメントがいくつかあったので、コストパフォーマンスが悪いのかな~と少し心配だったのですが、前菜からデザートまで、見た目も味もよくて、とても満足。サービスもフレンドリーでよかったです。値段はワインを入れても €200 でお釣りがきたので割高の印象はありませんでした。

Coffee at the end of the meal.  I read the mixed reviews for this restaurant and was worried a bit, but everything we had was beautifully prepared and very well-executed.  I was very satisfied.  And it was not too expensive (we paid less than €200).


This is the entrance.  When we visited there it was not available but now they offer the tasting menu, and I'd love to try it when we visit next time.


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