Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trip to France Day 10 (Paris CDG - Boston Logan)


Finally we have to go back to US.  We ate so much during this trip, so now I am scared to weigh my weight...
シャルルドゴール空港内の Paul で朝食。

Breakfast at Paul inside the airport.

ここの Paul はあまりおいしくない。街中の店で食べると結構おいしいんだけどな~。

The pastries at this Paul was not very tasty...  Usually their foods are good in the city...


Our flight was delayed...  I am so tired and want to go home now!!!!


Finally our flight was departed after 2 hours of delay. We thought now we could go home, but it was not the case...  When we almost arrived at Boston, there was a strong storm and the plane was not able to be landed.  At first our plane was flying around above Boston, but ran out of oil and had to detour to Bangalore, Maine.  We landed at the air force there, added oil and waited until the storm was gone from Boston.  It was 5 hours after the schedule when we got to Boston.  Exhausted!

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