Sunday, October 10, 2010

China Town & North End


We came to China Town two days in a row!

First of all, we had dim sum brunch at Hei La Moon.

BBQ Pork Buns.

Shrimp Dumplings.  I liked the taste of shrimp (and bamboo shoot), but the skin was too thick.  It should be thinner and more delicate.

Chive Dumplings.  This also tasted good, but again, the skin was very thick and broken (so the tasty juice leaked out..).  And I feel each piece was too big and difficult to eat.  I prefer it a little bit smaller (and give us 4 pieces instead of 3).

Pork and Duck Egg Porridge.  This was good.

Fried Hom Sui Cok.  This is my favorite dish in dim sum.  These were much bigger (~1.5 fold) than the normal size, and I could eat only half a piece.  We took the rest home.

Steamed Spare Ribs.  Not bad.

Sweet Egg Cake.
芝麻卷(黒ゴマを練りこんだお餅を薄く延ばして筒状に巻いたもの)。これは甘すぎず、おいしかったです。ここの飲茶はボストンの中ではまあまあいけると思います。NY や LA と比べるとまだまだですが。

Sesame Rolls. It was not too sweet, and I liked it.  Their dim sum dishes are not bad compared to other restaurants in the Boston area.  But the level is still lower compared to ones in NY or LA.
食事の後はチャイナタウンからてくてく歩いて、North End (イタリア人街)へいきました。

After the brunch, we walked from China Town to North End (Italian town).
途中に噴水があるのですが、水嫌いの Poirot は怖そうに眺めるだけ。

Poirot was so scared of water...

"I hate water!!  Take me away!!"
North End にあるケーキ屋さんにはハロウィーン用のケーキが飾ってありました。食べるのにはちょっと抵抗のある色使いですが、見ている分にはかわいいと思います。

A cake for Halloween displayed in a cake shop in North End. It looks very cute!

We walked quite a lot, so took a break at a cafe.

"Anything for me??"
何ももらえない Poirot はちょっとご機嫌斜め。

Poirot looked upset since he didn't get anything...

A big sign of gelato..

This pasta shop offers various freshly made pasta.  We purchased two kinds of ravioli (shrimp and mushroom)  for dinner.
Poirot はお店の前に飾ってあるパスタに今にも食べそうな勢いで飛びかかっていました。食べ物に関しては意地汚いというか、お行儀が悪いので困ってしまいます。

Poirot almost ate the pasta decorated in front of the shop. He doesn't behave himself when he sees food!
Poirot も歩きつかれたようです。

We walked a lot and Poirot looked tired.

It was a beautiful day today (although it was chilly).

Glass walls of Intercontinental Hotel reflected the buildings on the other side.

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