Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner at Turner's

今日は、家から車で5分もかからないところにあるシーフードレストラン、Turner's へ夕食を食べに行きました。このレストランのことはず~っと前から知っていて、来たい来たいと思っていたのですが、今日まで来る機会がありませんでした。いつも地元の人で満席です。

Today we went to Turner's, a seafood restaurant, very close to our home. We have known this restaurant for long time and wanted to visit, but never had a chance until tonight. It is always very crowded with locals.

Tonight we decided to sit at the oyster bar where you can enjoy light meals.  Of course the full menu is available at tables.

バーの席からはキッチンが見えます。生牡蠣やアサリもたくさん目の前に並んでいます。写真に写っているお鍋はムール貝やアサリを蒸すためのものです。オーナーは毎日早朝に Gloucester までネタを仕入れに行くそうです。

You can see the kitchen from your seat.  Steamers are cooked in the pans in this picture.  The owner goes to Gloucester every morning to get fresh seafood.

We ordered "Mussels Your Way".  You can choose one of three flavors (Dijonnaise, Belgium or Provencal).  The stuff recommended Belgium (shallots, leeks, Dijon and cream beer broth), so we selected it.  This sauce was very tasty! 

Fried calamaris.  This was OK.

Shrimp scampi.  There were many big shrimp in the dish.  The stuff was very friendly and provided a good service.  We'll visit here more often.  Next time, I'll try raw oysters/clams and oyster stew!

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