Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Trip to Vermont (2)

Quechee を後にした私たちが向かったのは、すぐ隣町の Woodstock というところ。

We then headed to Woodstock, a small town just next to Quechee.

Three fake kids in front of a shop.  I believed they were real until I got very close to them.  I was so shocked!
飼い主に似ておばかな Poirot も、置物の犬を本物だと思って吠えまくり。道行く人たちにも笑われていました。

Like his Mommy, stupid Poirot thought this fake dog was real, and barked at it like crazy.  People were laughing at him!

Around this area, there are many covered bridges.  These are still used as normal bridges and cars can go through.

There is only one lane, so you have to wait until a car from the other direction passes by.

A view from this bridge.  Beautiful.

The water is very clear and clean.

Take a break at a cafe.

This is another covered bridge.


It has a different structure.

You can see the water fall from this bridge.

Despite this beautiful scenery, there weren't many people visiting here, I guess because it is a little bit away from the town. 
さらに、Quechee 方面へ戻る途中の橋(この橋は鉄筋でできた大きい橋)からは、Quechee 渓谷が見下ろせます。以前夏に来たときにはここの川でカヌーをしている人達をたくさん見かけましたが、今日はいませんでした。

Then we headed back to Quechee.  On the way, you can enjoy the view of Quechee Gorge.

I couldn't take good pictures with my cheap camera, but it was sooo beautiful!
Poirot も恐る恐る渓谷を覗き込んでいました。

Poirot was also looking down the gorge, but he looked a bit scared.

We enjoyed fall foliage in the car on the way home as well.
Poirot はもちろんいつものように爆睡。

Poirot was of course sleeping like the dead.

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