Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Trip to Vermont (1)


In New England, it is the time for autumn foliage.  A hurricane just passed us yesterday and we had a very nice weather today.  So we decided to go to Vermont to see beautiful colors of  autumn.  Two and half hours of driving.

On the way we stopped at the rest area in New Hampshire.  It was very very cold!
バーモント州の Quechee というところに到着。橋の上から Poirot が覗いているのは、

We arrived at Quechee, Vermont.  What Poirot was trying to look at was...

A water fall!

One of the reasons we visited Quechee was to have lunch at the restaurant where you can enjoy the view of this water fall.  The building in the right hand side of the picture is the restaurant.  It's been about 2 years since we came here last time.
このレストランは Simon Pearce という有名なガラス工房の経営で、同じ敷地にはここで作られるガラスや陶器製品を売るお店があります(ボストンにも Newbury 通りにお店があります)。また、工房を見学することもできます。

This restaurant is owned by Simon Pearce, known for hand-blown glassware.  In the same space, there is a retail shop for glassware and handmade pottery.  You can also visit their workshop.

A view from our table in the restaurant.  We waited to get the best seat!  Increased water level due to heavy rain yesterday.
レストランで使われているグラスやお皿はすべて Simon Pearce 製。

All glassware, plates, etc are made by Simon Pearce.

Iced tea.

Buttermilk scone and Irish bread.  Not bad.

私は Orecchiette Pasta というパスタを注文。新鮮な野菜や地元産のリコッタチーズがとてもおいしい!大満足の一品です。
My order - Orecchiette Pasta.  Very fresh vegetables and local ricotta cheese. Tasted very good!

My husband ordered Maine Lobster and Butter Lettuce.  The dressing was very light (which we like) and we enjoyed a good flavor of lobster itself.

For dessert, we shared Roasted Anjou Pear Cheese Cake.  Crystallized ginger gave a good accent, and this dish was very fall-like.  We liked it very much.

After lunch, we went to the workshop to watch glassblowing demonstrations.

We also watched pottery-making demonstrations.

Then we took a walk in the park behind the restaurant. Beautiful colors!
Poirot も公園を走り回って楽しみました。

Poirot also enjoyed the beautiful park.

I think autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.

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