Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunch at Teranga

今日は以前から気になっていた、South End にあるセネガル料理のお店、Teranga にランチを食べに行きました。

Today we went to "Teranga", a Senegalese restaurant in South End, for lunch.  I have been wanting to come to this restaurant for a while.

I read good reviews, so I was looking forward to it. When we arrived at 11:30 am, nobody else was there (only one person came when we were about to leave).  I heard it is very crowded for dinner, but may not be so for lunch.

A bottle of beer from Kenya.  This was the only African beer available.  I wonder no beer is produced in Senegal...

Ginger juice.  Ginger root juice mixed with pineapple juice, orange flower water and vanilla sugar.  It had a strong ginger flavor, which I love.

Slices of baguette and some kind of sauce.  I don't know what it was, but it had a lot of spices and tasted a little bit like curry.
Nems というアペタイザー。春巻きの一種なのですが、皮がお餅のようにもちもちしていておいしい!ニョクマムをつけて食べます。ちょっとベトナム風。セネガルもベトナムも元はフランス領だった関係で、多くのベトナム人がセネガルに移住し、ベトナムの食文化をもたらしたそうです。

Nems.  Spring rolls stuffed with chicken, beef, vermicelli and vegetables. The skin was like sticky rice and very tasty.  I heard that food in Senegal has Vietnamese influences as both countries were used to be French colonies and many Vietnamese people immigrated to Senegal.
私は Thiébou Djeun というお料理を注文。トマトベースのお魚のシチュー。ジャスミンライスとかぼちゃ、人参などの野菜も付いてきます。これはセネガルの国民食だそうです。ソースとお野菜はおいしかったのですが、お魚はかなりぱさぱさ。

I ordered Thiébou Djeun , herb-stuffed white fish cooked in tomato stew with jasmine rice and various vegetables.  The sauce and vegetables were good, but the fish was very dry.
これは夫の注文した Thiébou Yap という一品。ラム肉とジャスミンライス。夫によると、ラムもかなりぱさぱさだったそう。なんかどちらも昨日の残りを過熱したって感じでした。

My husband ordered Thiébou Yap, seasoned lamb cubes cooked with vegetables and served with broken jasmine rice.  According to my husband, the lamb meat was also very dry.  I doubted these were the left-over from last night and re-heated.

I had a high expectation, so was disappointed.  Maybe Sunday lunch is not a good time?  We should have visited for dinner??  The picture is the tree we found in someone's front yard when we were walking the street after lunch.  Beautiful gradation of colors!

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