Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trip to Japan (4) (Kyoto)


Today I went to the hair salon to cut, perm and dye my hair.  It took 4 hours (10 am - 2 pm) to finish!  After that, I went shopping on Shijo Street (famous shopping area in Kyoto).


First of all, lunch!  I had a list of restaurants I wanted to go, but all of them served lunch only untill 2 pm and I was too late..  So I decided to go to Inoda Coffee.

Inoda Coffee is the old standing cafe (since 1940) in Kyoto.  I came here often with my parents when I was little.  More recently, they have several branches outside Kyoto as well.

At night my sister's family came for dinner at my parents' home.  My brother-in-law is a chef in a Japanese restaurant in Gion, so he always brings tasty dishes that he cooked.  This is sashimi.  The decoration was so professional and beautiful.

Beef sushi and pacific saury (mackerel pike) sushi.  Yum!

In addition, we had hot pot with daggertooth pike conger (in the picture), matsutake mushroom (very expensive!) and other vegetables.  I love this fish, but don't see it in US, so I was very happy to eat it!

Monkfish liver. I heard it is sometimes called foie gras in the sea.

Fish (I don't know how to call it in English), tofu and vegetables.  Everything was very tasty and I ate too much again....

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