Friday, October 29, 2010

Poirot the Milk Cow!

10月31日はハロウィーンですね!去年は Poirot は蜘蛛になりましたが、今年は乳牛になります!ちゃんとお乳も付いています。

Halloween is almost here!  Poirot became a spider last year, and he will be a milk cow this year!  He has nipples, too!

Does he look good in this costume??
今夜はこれを着て、魔女裁判で有名なセーラム (Salem) へ行く予定です!

Tonight we are planning to go to Salem, MA, which is famous for the witch trials, with Poirot wearing this costume!


  1. Poirot is a very cute cow. Even though he is a boy I think his "udders" look cute too. Will he go trick or treating on Sunday...? :D

  2. Thank you! I learned it is called "udders". We did not go trick or treat, but just walked around with Poirot in his costume. People loved it!