Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brunch at Gaslight

今日は久しぶりに、South End にある Gaslight にブランチを食べにやってきました。ここは無料の駐車場があるので便利。ちなみにトムクルーズとキャメロンディアスの映画、Knight and Day にこのレストランがチラッと映ってます。

Today we came to Gaslight in South End for brunch.  It has been a while since we came here last time.  This restaurant offers free parking, so it's very convenient.  By the way, this restaurant was used in the movie "Knight and Day" (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) last year.
週末は prix fixe のブランチメニューが $9.95 ととてもお得です。

On weekends, the prix fixe brunch menu is offered only for $9.95.
もちろん2人とも prix fixe メニューから注文。コーヒー (または紅茶)、フレッシュジュース、ショートブレッドプラスメインの一品がついてきます。

Both of us ordered from the prix fixe menu - it comes with coffee (or tea), a glass of freshly squeezed juice, a shortbread and a main dish.

For the juice, orange and grapefruit are offered.  We both chose grapefruit.

The shortbread had some raspberry jam and good.

I ordered the omelette Lyonnaise, which had Gruyere cheese, potatoes and caramelized onions.  The onions were sweet and good.

My husband ordered the French toast.

The toast absorbed the maple syrup and good, but I think the blueberry compote was too much (too sweet).
その後はまたまたいつものドッグパークへ行ってきました。Poirot は相変わらず非社交的です。

After the brunch, we came to the nearby dog park again.  Poirot was antisocial as usual.

When other dogs came to greet him, he just ran away.  But he was very friendly to a lady who had treats - he was happy when he got some of it from her.
そんな Poirot ですが、パグとパグルは別です。同じ種類だとわかるのでしょうか、いつも自分からよっていきます。このパグル君にも興味津々。

Although Poirot is antisocial, there is an exception -  with pugs and puggles.  He always shows interest in them and goes to them.  I guess he knows that they are the same kind.  He found this puggle and went to check him out.

He kept following this puggle and played with him.

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