Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lunch at Petit Robert Central

今日はボストンであった講習会の最終日。少し早く終わったので、せっかくダウンタウンに来ているのだからと遅い昼食を食べてから帰ることにしました。どこに行こうかちょっと考えて、Petit Robert Central に決定。

Today was the last day of the software training that I took in Boston.  It finished a little bit early, and to take advantage of being in the downtown I decided to have a late lunch.  I thought about which restaurant in the area I should go and decided to try Petit Robert Central.
ここは Kenmore Square にある Petit Robert Bistro と同じ経営です。

This restaurant is owned by the same owner as Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Square.

I wasn't too hungry so decided to go for the salad with fried poached eggs.  It looked very plain.  The yolk was runny and good, but the eggs had no taste - a small amount of salt could have enhance the taste significantly...  But the balsamic vinegar was the high quality one and tasty. 

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