Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brunch at Myers + Chang

今日はかなり暖かくなったので (12 度!)、Poirot を連れて South End までお散歩に来ました。でもその前に何はともあれお昼ご飯ということで、久しぶりに Myers + Chang へ。ここで食事するのは1年ぶりくらいでしょうか?週末は点心スタイルのお料理が出されます。

Since it was warm today (more than 50˚F!), we took Poirot to South End for walk.  But of course we had to eat first!  So we went to Myers + Chang for brunch.  It's been more than a year since we ate here last time.  They serve dim sum on weekends.

The garlicky spicy coal-black wings.  They looked very black but the sauce was spicy and good.

The dan dan noodles with spicy peanut sauce.  It was in the takeout box.

This is the content of the box.

The crispy pork belly bao.  The bao was very airy, the meat was crispy and fatty, and went well with the sweet sauce.

This one is the BBQ bao.  This one was not bad, either, but I prefer the pork belly one.

The tamarind glazed peel + eat prawns.  The tamarind sauce gave good acidity.

The green papaya slaw.  This is my favorite and I always order this dish when I come here.

The “nirvana” chicken congee.  Although the menu said "congee", it was more like risotto.  This one was not really our taste.

At the end we ordered the banana caramel for dessert.  I was expecting the caramelized banana, but what we got was the fresh banana.  A bit disappointing...

食事の後はいつものドッグパークへ。Poirot は他の犬と遊ぶよりも人間の側にいるほうが好きみたい。

After the meal, we went to the nearby dog park as usual.  But Poirot seemed to prefer being with humans to playing with other dogs.

He kept coming back to our side.  But he is usually very active at the dog day care, so I guess he is just behaving like a spoiled baby when we are around him.
この子犬 (といっても Poirot より大きい) が Poirot のことを気に入ったみたいで追い掛け回してましたが、Poirot は赤ちゃんなんて相手にしてられないよという風につれなくしてました。

This puppy (although he was bigger than Poirot) was very interested in Poirot and chasing him.  But Poirot was pretending that he was all grown up and not interested in a baby!
でもちょっとは気になるのか匂いをかいでチェックしてました。Poirot の行動を見ていると結構笑えます。

But he WAS interested in this little boy and checking around.  His behaviors are sometimes very funny. 


  1. I love your blog postings and your dog :) Keep up the great work! Cheers from Pennsylvania

  2. Hi Lisanne, Thank you for visiting my blog. I have many more pictures of Poirot doing funny things that I need to upload. Please come back and check!