Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lunch at Oishii

またまたレストランウィークを利用して、South End にある Oishii にお昼ごはんを食べに行ってきました。私が選んだのは Kaiseki (会席) ランチ。夫は焼肉丼にしました。

To enjoy the Restaurant Week menu, we came to Oishii in South End for lunch.  I selected the Kaiseki lunch and my husband ordered the Gyu Kaku Donburi (grilled beef on top of rice).

A cup of miso soup came with both of our menus.
なめこ、わかめ、お豆腐が入っています。おいしかったのですが器よりれんげ (こちらの人は器に直接口をつけて飲むという習慣がありません) の方が大きくて飲みにくい!

It had Japanese mushroom, tofu and seaweed.  It tasted good, but the cup (it was actually a tea cup) was smaller than the spoon and it was difficult to drink.

This is my Kaiseki lunch.  It is totally different from the authentic Kaiseki foods in Japan, but I guess its a Boston standard.
右上にあるのはお蕎麦。お出汁がいまいち。その下は鱈の味噌焼き。お味噌はかなり甘いです。左にあるのは "スパイシーツナ天麩羅巻き" という名前で、マグロを海苔で巻いたものに衣をつけて揚げてあります。

On the upper right is the Soba noodle.  The soup was not very good.  On the right bottom is the grilled miso black cod.  The miso was too sweet.  On the left is the spicy tuna tempura roll.

The salmon and avocado roll, seaweed salad and broccolini with sesame dressing.

And the agedashi tofu and shrimp & asparagus tempura.  A lot of variety!

And this is the Gyu Kaku Donburi.  The sauce was too sweet for me but the meat was actually good - very tender.
最後にデザート。柚子茶とクッキーです。$20 の割にはお得だと思います。

And for the dessert, a cup of Yuzu tea and a cookie.  The menu was not too bad for $20.    

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