Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner at Toraya


We came to Toraya in Arlington for dinner tonight.  As we came very early (~5:10 pm), no other people were there, but within 10 min of our arrival, all the seats were filled!  This restaurant is always packed!

The vinegared octopus and cucumber.  The octopus was very soft (not chewy) and yummy.

The pan fried beef tongue.  It was very light, but flavorful.

For sushi, we ordered whelk and sea eel.  The sea eel was very soft and tasty.

The deep fried, skewered, breaded pork.  It's been a long time since I had this dish last time...


The deep fried lotus root.

Between the two slices of lotus root was a lot of shrimp!  The portion was huge (this dish came with a bowl of white rice and a cup of miso soup, too).

We again ordered the chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) - a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi and other stuff.  I love this dish!  We ate too much again and I was so stuffed...

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