Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dinner at Russell House Tavern

今日は会社で新しく導入したソフトウェアのトレーニングを受けるため、ボストンの金融街にあるビルまでやって来ました。これは会場 (26階) からの眺め。やっぱり都会はいいですね~。私の会社はボストンからは車で20分くらいの郊外にあるので、退屈なんですよね~。おいしいレストランも近くにはあまりないし...。

Today I went to the building in Financial District to take a training for the software that we recently introduced for work.  This is the view from the training room on the 26th floor of the building.  Ahhh, I wish I could work in downtown Boston (or any big city).  My company is in the Boston suburb (~20 min driving) and I sometimes feel bored...  Not many good restaurants around my company...
トレーニングの後、夫とハーバードスクウェアーで待ち合わせて Russell House Tavern に夕食を食べに来ました。ここでもレストランウィークのメニューを出しています。夫はレストランウィークのメニューから、私は普段のメニューから注文。

After the training, I met my husband at Harvard Square and went to Russell House Tavern for dinner.  This restaurant also serves the restaurant week menu.  My husband ordered from the restaurant week menu, and I ordered from the usual menu.

The bread and olive oil.  I didn't like the bread very much, but the olive oil had the nice and deep flavor.
夫が前菜として選んだのは (というか、私が無理矢理頼ませたのですが) 生牡蠣、生蛤、シュリンプカクテルの盛り合わせ。

My husband selected (well, I forced him to order) the raw bar sampler for the appetizer.

The shrimp was huge and good.

The entrée he selected was the herb grilled American Lamb leg steak.  The steak did not have the gamy smell and even I could eat (I don't usually like lamb).

I ordered the Ozark heritage pork trio (loin, belly and shoulder).  All were good, but I especially liked the belly - very tender and melt in my mouth.

And the dessert he chose from the restaurant week menu was the cherry bread pudding.  It was not too sweet which I liked, but nothing really special.  We got too full again...

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