Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch at L'Espalier

L'Espalier では3月中、レストランウィークのメニューが食べられます。3 コースが$20.10 なのでお得。前回ここに来たのも昨年8月のレストランウィークの時でした。

At L'Espalier, the restaurant week menu lunch is served during the entire month of  March, and you can enjoy 3-course lunch for $20.10.  It was also during the restaurant week when we came here last time in August, 2010.
私の一品目はムール貝、tabouleh (中東のパスタ? のようなもの)、ゆで卵などのサラダ。3つのムール貝が野菜の下に隠れています。カレー風味です。

My first course was "Mussels, garam masala, wild grain tabouleh; soft-cooked farmer's egg, cashew curry emulsion".  Three mussels were under the green. 

夫の一品目はヤギのチーズのゼリー (?)。私はヤギのチーズは苦手なので味見してないのですが、夫は気に入ったようです。

My husband selected "Goat cheese curd, poached rhubarb, kalamata olive sable, cabernet sauvignon vinagrette".  I didn't taste it as I don't like goat cheese, but my husband liked it.


My main dish was ”Fines herbs-crusted Arctic char, preserved lemon, spring pea risotto".  The fish was fatty and good.  The risotto was very light and its acidity matched well with the fish.

My husband ordered "Slow braised short ribs, parsnip veloute, roasted red onions, carrots".

The meat was cooked long time and very tender.

I chose "Dark chocolate caramel gateau, vanilla Chantilly cream, orange foam, blood orange fluid gel" for dessert.  It did not taste caramel - I was disappointed as I love caramel...

My husband's dessert was "Buttermilk panna cotta, guava cream cheese mousse, lychee form".  It was not bad, but nothing special.

As usual, they gave each of us a small treat on the way out.  This time it was a coconut cookie.  I don't like coconut, so I gave it to my husband.  But according to him it was too sweet.  Well, we shouldn't complain - it was free!

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