Friday, September 16, 2011

Dinner at Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant

今夜は家の近所にあるモロッコ料理のお店、Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant へやって来ました。ここへ来るのは2回目です。定番スープ、ハリラ (harira) ははずせません。

Today we came to Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant near our home.  This was the second time for us to visit here.  Tthe traditional Moroccan soup, harira, is a must.
今日のスペシャルにチキンのバスティラがあったので注文すると、ちょうど売切れてしまったそう。でもバスティラに似たもの (名前は教えてもらったけど忘れた) があるというので1つ頼んでみました。

We ordered Today's Special, chicken bastilla, but unfortunately they already run out of it...  Instead, we ordered this one (I forgot the name).

Inside the very thin layers of fillo dough is chicken meat cooked with various spices.  It was very slightly sweet and yummy~.

My husband ordered the lamb couscous.  It had a lot of vegetables - chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, squash, zucchini, etc...  It did not have a strong lamb smell, so I actually enjoyed this dish (I don't generally like lamb dishes). 
こらはビーフのシュワマ 。ピタサンドでも注文できますが、私は2種類のサイドディッシュが付くプレートの方にしてもらいました。サイドにはお茄子をソテーしたものとフムスを選択。牛肉はミンチにスパイスを加えて固め、ローストしたものです。見た目は地味ですが、味はスパイスが効いてかなりおいしい!

This is the beef shwarma.  I could be served as the sandwich or a plate dish.  The plate comes with two side dishes of your choice.  I chose the sauteed eggplant dish and humus.  The meat was ground beef with very good flavors of spices/herbs.  It looked very plain, but tasted very good.

このレストランは本当にモロッコの家庭料理って感じで派手さはないですがどのお料理も丁寧に作ってあって優しい味です。ちなみに前回訪れたときに食べてとても気に入ったお料理 (長方形の薄いパイ生地の様なものの中に味付けした牛肉が入っているもの) を頼んだら、あれはラマダン中の食べる特別なものらしく、普段は作っていないそう。でも、夫が "また来年ラマダンのときに注文するね~" と言ったら、事前にいってくれれば特別に作るよと言ってもらえたので、次回ぜひ頼んでみようと思います。

This restaurant serves authentic, home-style Moroccan food - nothing fancy but very solid.  By the way, we wanted to order one of our favorite dishes that we had on our last visit (spiced beef in big, flaky, square-shaped  dough), but it was a special dish served only during Ramadan and they did not have it today.  My husband said to the chef (one of owners?) that he would order it next year, and she replied that if we called in advance, she could make it for us.  We'll definitely order it!

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