Friday, September 9, 2011

Dinner at Posto

2~3日前から無性にピザが食べたくなり (ピザなんてめったに食べたくならないのですが)、Somerville にある Posto というビザ&パスタのお店へ行ってきました。2年近く前にオープンしたお店ですが、訪れるのは初めて。

I had been craving a pizza (it is very rare to me) for a couple of days, and we came to Posto, a pizzeria in Somerville for dinner.  This restaurant opened about two years ago, but this was first time for us to visit here.

The restaurant is spacious with high ceiling and open kitchen, but it was very noisy (because of reflection of sound).

My husband again ordered beer - I forgot its name but it was Italian.

First we ordered the meatballs (beef, pork and veal).  It tasted better than I imagined.  I loved the pomodoro sauce.  After this dish, we waited for ~40 min until our pizza was served.  The couple next to us arrived much later than us but their pizza came at almost same time with ours, which irritated me a bit, but I quickly moved on to our own food.
今回はシンプルなマルゲリータにしてみました。かなり期待していたのですが、感想は一言で言うといまいち。ソースはかなりおいしく、生地も端っこはもちっとしていていいのですが真ん中 (ソースで覆われている部分) はふにゃっとしていて、手で持って食べることができません。

This time we simply ordered Margherita.  My expectation was very high for the pizza, but it was disappointing...  I liked the sauce a lot, and the dough around the edge was crispy outside and chewy inside which is the way I like.  But the dough in the center was very soggy and it was difficult to hold the slice in hand.
もう一品、蟹肉入りのトルテリーニ (ハーフサイズ) もオーダー。パスタは自家製らしく、なめらかでおいしかったのですが、テーブルに運ばれてきたときには冷めていたのが残念。

We also ordered the half portion of the crab tortellini.  The pasta was freshly made and very good, but it was served lukewarm...
う~ん、悪くはないのですがすべてが (サービスも含めて) あと一歩という感じ。値段もピザにしては高めだし。今夜はたまたま運が悪かっただけかもしれないので、私はもう一回試してみてもいいかなと思いましたが夫にはかなり不評でした~。

I don't think they are bad, but something is missing (in both cooking and service).  And their dishes are not cheap for what they are.  I would give it another chance as it might be just an unlucky day, but my husband was kind of upset with this restaurant....

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