Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brunch at Tico

今日は夫のリクエストで久しぶりに Tico にブランチを食べにやって来ました。

Today my husband suggested to come to Tico for brunch.
901 Tequila というテキーラで作ったカクテル付きのブランチセットがあるようで夫はこのセットを注文。901 Tequila は歌手のジャスティン・ティンバーレークが自分の気に入るテキーラがなかったのでそれなら自分で作ろうということでできたブランドらしいです。

Today's special menu was the prix fixe including the cocktail made with 901 Tequila.  We didn't know, but were told that Justin Timberlake is the co-founder of 901 Tequila. 
これがその Ghost of Mary というカクテル。一口味見したのですが、ま・ず・い~!! どんな味かを言い表すぴったりした言葉が見つからないのですが、とにかくまずい! でも夫は気に入ったよう。このテキーラは結構高級みたいなのでお酒の好きな人にはおいしいんでしょうね。

This is the cocktail, Ghost of Mary.  I took a sip, but it was too bad (to me who does not drink at all).  But my husband actually loved it.  Apparently this is very high quality tequila, so I guess those who love to drink like this drink.

For the main dish, my husband selected the fried shrimp po'boy.  He had this dish last time and was quite fond of it.

Shrimp were very plump and good.

And the prix fixe came with one side, so we chose the bacon.

I ordered the breakfast burrito.

It had eggs, chorizo, Manchego cheese, etc.  It was huge and I could finish only half of it.  I took the rest home, which was consumed as my husband's afternoon snack.

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