Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner at Ristorante Serena

今日は久しぶりに自宅すぐ近くのイタリアンのお店、Ristorante Serena へやって来ました。

Today we came to Ristorante Serena, an Italian restaurant close to our home.  It's been a while since we came here last time...

First, we shared the antipasto.  It was a plane looking, but prosciutto was very thinly sliced and tasty.
これは夫の注文したメインディッシュについてきたサラダ (サラダかパスタが選べます)。

This is the side salad came with my husband's entree (you can choose pasta or salad).

And this is the entree, the pork shop with mushrooms and sherry sauce (today's special).  The meat was very thick but tender.  Not bad.
私は先週食べたピザがちょっと失敗だったのでここでリベンジとばかりにまたピザを注文。ベジタブルピザを注文したのですが、なんか違うような...。よく見るとお茄子がない! ウエイトレスさんに聞いてみると、どうやら乗せるのを忘れたよう。新しく作り直してくれるというのでそうしてもらいました。ちなみにこのお茄子なしのピザも食べていいとのことだったのでお持ち帰りにしてもらいました。ちょっとラッキーかも。

Since I had a disappointing pizza last week, I wanted to try a better pizza and ordered the vegetable one.  But it looked something different - it didn't have eggplant!  We asked our waitress, and she said the chef forgot to put it on.  Thankfully, they cooked another pizza for me (and I could keep this one, too!).

This is the new one with eggplant!  It was good, but I don't need to eat a pizza for a while!

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