Sunday, September 18, 2011


久しぶりに South End にある SoWa にやって来ました。ここは5月から9月までの間やっているオープンマーケットで、野菜や果物はもちろんのこと、パン、ケーキ、その他のグルメフードなどが売られています。それ以外に洋服やアート作品もあります。ちなみに SoWa とは South of Washington Street の略です。

Today we came to SoWa, an open market, that is open every Sunday from May to September.  It has fresh produce, crafts, antiques, clothes, etc.

These are the bottles of honey collected in Vermont.  We tasted it and liked it very much, so got a mid size bottle.
このぬいぐるみたちがあまりにもかわいかったので写真をぱちり。でもそんなに大きくないのに一つ $40 とは結構お高いかも。

These stuffed animals looked so cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture.  But $40 each seems a bit pricey...
SoWa でのもう一つのお楽しみはフードトラック。10台以上のトラックがずら~っと並んでいて、色々な食べ物を楽しむことができます。

In SoWa are many food trucks as well!
これは私達の大好きな Speed's Hot Dog

This is the truck for our favorite Speed's Hot Dog.

They serve humongous, but very tasty hot dogs.  One hot dog can feed two people.

But you'd get messy when you eat it - it comes with lots of sauce!

This one is for seafood.

We tried 2 different mini sliders (crab cake and lobster).  They were tiny.  I didn't care for the lobster one too much, but the crab cake was pretty good.
Poirot はいつものように夫の顔をじ~っと見つめて食べ物をおねだり。

As always, Poirot was staring at my husband's face when he was eating the hot dog.

But he couldn't get anything - he looked disappointed and sad...

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