Saturday, September 3, 2011

Providence and Bristol in Rhode Island

今日は午前中、Wrentham というところにあるアウトレットへお買い物に行ってきました。マサチューセッツ州ですが、ボストンの南にあってロードアイランド州にも近いので、お買い物の後行ってみる予定です。でもその前にまずお昼ご飯。

Today we came to Wrentham Outlet for shopping.  It is located in Massachusetts, but is south of Boston and close to Rhode Island, so we were planning to visit there after shopping.  But before that, we had to have lunch!

ここのアウトレットにはいいレストランがないのでしょうがなく Ruby Tuesday というファミレスへ。席に着くと、頼んでもいないのにチーズビスケットが運ばれてきました。どうもサービスでくれるようです。今まではこんなサービスなかったのに。

This outlet does not have good restaurants, so we  went to Ruby Tuesday (reluctantly).  When we sat at the table, our waitress gave us two cheese biscuits although we did not order them - it was apparently free (people at other tables also got them).  This was the first time we got this kind of service at this restaurant.

I ordered "All-You-Can-Eat" salad.
Poirot 君もおすそ分けが欲しくてこっちをじーっと見つめています。

As usual, Poirot was staring at me, hoping to get something...

My husband ordered the seafood trio, which came with salmon, shrimp, crab cake, rice and vegetables.
Poirot はフェンスに顔を押し付けてちょっとでも食べ物に近づこうと必死です。

Poirot pushed his face to the fence, trying desperately to get close to our food....
お買い物の後、ハイウェイ I-95 を南下して、ロードアイランド州のプロヴィデンスへやって来ました。道路わきに開きスポットがあったので車を止めようと思ったら、駐車禁止の標識が。よく見ると、プロヴィデンス市長のためのスポットのよう。

After the shopping, we drove to Providence, RI.  We found a parking spot on the street and tried to park our car, but then noticed the "no parking" sign - because the spot is reserved for Mayor!

I was wondering why Mayor needed a parking spot here, then realized the building by the spot was City Hall.  Does Mayor park his (or her?) car here every day??

This was the first time for me to visit Providence and I was expecting a lot to see, but actually not many interesting things...  But since we had a reservation at a restaurant in Providence this evening, we had several hours to kill...

So we decided to drive around aimlessly and eventually came to a small town called Bristol.

By the sea, we found a donuts shop.

This donuts shop served 24 different flavors of soft serve.

It took me a long time to decide which flavor, but eventually ordered the maplenut flavor.  It was not bad.

A small fishing boat.  I wonder what kind of fish are caught around here.

Maybe because it was already September, there were not many people walking...  It was a bit windy and chilly and felt summer was gone...
歩き疲れたのか、しんどそうな Poirot 君。

Poirot looked tired after the long walk.

I asked him to look at the camera, and he just gave a quick glance.  We continued to walk then went back to Providence for our dinner (will be reported in the next post).

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