Monday, November 1, 2010

Dinner at Hong Kong Supermarket Food Court

レストランに行く気分ではないけど、家に食べるものが何もない、ということで、食料品の買出しのついでに中華系のスーパーマーケット、Hong Kong Supermarket の中にあるフードコートで夕食をとることにしました。ここのフードコートには、中華、タイ、ベトナム、インド、そして韓国料理のお店があり、家族や友人がそれぞれ好きな店から好きな物を選んで一緒に食べられるので便利です。残念ながら日本食のお店はありません。ラーメン屋さんは同じ敷地内にありますが(結構おいしいけど値段は高い)、レストラン形式なのでフードコートで食べることはできません。

We didn't feel like going out to eat dinner at a restaurant, but had nothing to eat at home, so we decided to go to Hong Kong Supermarket to do grocery shopping and eat at their food court.  This food court has Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian and Korean restaurants and thus it is convenient as each family member/friend can pick whatever they want and eat together.  Unfortunately, for me, there is no Japanese restaurant.  A ramen noodle restaurant is in the same building (which is not bad, but rather expensive), but it is the independent restaurant, and you can't eat their ramen in the food court.


I opted for Thai food.  Since it was a very cold night, I wanted something warm, so I ordered tom yum goong first.  This was very sweet, and I didn't like it very much as I prefer sour and spicy.

This was the fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken and vegetables. It was called "Smiley Noodles" in their menu.  This was also a little sweet.

My husband ordered some dim sum dishes from a Chinese restaurant.  This is the steamed spare rib and rice noodle.  It actually tasted good.

Pork shumai.  This was also good.

Steamed dumplings (shrimp and leek).  All the dishes were steamed after we placed an order, so it was better than some of the dim sum restaurants.

After the meal, my husband ordered papaya milk.  He said he grew up drinking it in Taiwan.

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