Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner at Petit Robert Bistro

今日は先日Groupon で購入したクーポンを使うため、Kenmore Square にある Petit Robert Bistro へ行ってきました。ちなみに Groupon で購入したのは $40 分のお食事券 ($20 で購入)。Groupon や他の似たようなサイトで売り出されるレストランの割引券は特に利用の制約もなく (レストランによっては土曜日には使えないなどの制約があるところもありますが)、お得なのでたまに購入します (日本では色々問題があったらしいですね)。

Today we went to Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Square to use the Groupon coupon that I bought the other day.


We parked on the street in front of the restaurant.  We were supposed to feed the parking meter, but the meters were buried under deep snow and it was impossible to add coins.  My husband looked around and saw no one paid money, so we just followed them and left our car without paying (and we did not get a ticket!).
このお店にはかなり以前 (5,6 年前) に一度来たことがあります。そのときはお店はまだこの場所に一店舗だけだったのですが、その後 South End、Downtown Crossing と Needham にも支店を出して、かなり繁盛しているようです。

I came to this restaurant once very long time ago (5~6 years).  At that time, this was the only location but since then they were expanded and opened branches in South End, Downtown Crossing and Needham. 

I liked this baguette.  But the butter was ice cold.  I think they should serve it at room temperature.

We shared the pan seared foie gras.  But the appearance was not very appealing...  And the surface of foie gras was burnt... 

It was very creamy inside, but tasted bitter due to the carbonized surface.  I could eat only one bite.

For my entrée, I ordered the roasted rabbit.  It had no gamy smell and I liked it.
夫は子羊のお肉 (骨付き) とソーセージの煮込みを注文。私は子羊が得意ではないので味見はしなかったのですが、付け合せのお豆が熱々でおいしくて気に入りました。骨は持ち帰って Poirot へのお土産に。

My husband ordered the braised lamb shank and merguez. It also came with garlicky navy bean.  Since I don't like lamb very much, I did not taste it but I loved the beans.  We brought the bone home for Poirot!


I ordered the pear tart for my dessert.  This plate had nothing to write home about.

My husband ordered the crème brûlée.  This was also nothing special.  This restaurant offers very casual food at reasonable price.  I guess that is the reason that this restaurant is so popular and successful. 

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