Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brunch at Sun Kong Restaurant


Recently, I found out that Sun Kong Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant very close to our house, started serving dim sum every morning (and it appears to be quite good!).  So we decided to give it a try.

このレストランはずーっと前から知っていましたが、典型的なアメリカの中華屋さん (アメリカ風に味付けされた中華) だと思っていたので今まで来たことはありませんでした。飲茶を始めたのは1ヶ月ほど前かららしいです。

We have known this restaurant for very long time.  But we always thought it was a typical American-Chinese place and so never tried it before.  It seems that they started dim sum about a month ago.
11時ごろに行ったら結構お客さんがいて、その全員がアジア人 (多分95%以上は中国人)。お店はそんなに大きくはありませんがお料理はちゃんとカートに乗って運ばれてきます。まずは海老入り韮饅頭。むむ、思っていたよりもおいしい!皮が破れていたのが残念ですが。

We arrived at ~11:00 am, but there were already quite a few people (all Asian people, and I guess > 95% were Chinese).  The restaurant is not very big, but dishes are pushed around on carts.  This is the shrimp and chive dumplings.  This actually tasted  much better than I thought (although the skin was broken).
鳳瓜 (鶏の足)。これは私は食べないので味はわかりません。結構な数の足 (多分6本くらい) が入っていたので、この一皿のためにたくさんの鶏が犠牲になってると夫に言うと、これはアメリカ人が鶏肉を食べた後の残りを有効活用しているだけだといわれました。まあ言われてみれば確かにそうかもしれませんが。

The chicken feet.  I don't know its taste as I didn't eat it.  I told my husband that so many chickens had to be sacrificed for this one dish, then he told me back that American people eat only chicken meat and not feet, so this was just the efficient use of resources.  Well, I guess you can say that...

The tofu skin rolls.  Pork and some vegetables were wrapped with the tofu skin.

This was also good.  And I liked the fact that all the dishes were freshly cooked and served hot (temperature-wise).
豉汁蒸排骨 (スペアリブの蒸し物)。

The steamed spare ribs.
油條 (揚げパン) 入りの腸粉。これはワゴンサービスではなく、注文しないといけません。注文してから作るので、油條がまだパリパリでこれもまたなかなかいけます。

The rice noodle rolls with fried dough.  This one had to be ordered to a waitress.  Since this is made to order, the fried dough was not soggy and was good, too.
焗叉燒飽 (チャーシューまん)。これはいまいちだったかも。ちょっとお肉のにおいがきついような。

The BBQ pork buns.  I didn't care for this one too much...

I have never seen or eaten this dish.  It looked like worms or something.  Its texture was somewhere between sticky rice and jelly.  According to my husband (he asked a waitress), it was cooked with XO sauce.
豆腐花。熱々のお豆腐を生姜シロップと一緒に食べます。お豆腐がつるつるでおいしい。台湾の豆花 (台湾では豆花、香港では豆腐花というらしい) とはまたちょっと違います。

The tofu pudding with ginger syrup.  The tofu was warm, very silky and soft.  It was slightly different from Taiwan style tofu pudding.

お料理の種類はちょっと少なめですが (注文すればあるのかもしれませんが、夫は広東語は話せず、レストランの人は広東語しか話せない人が多いのでなかなか意思伝達ができないんです) 味的にはボストンのチャイナタウンにあるお店と同じ位かそれ以上なので、わざわざチャイナタウンまで行く必要がなくなりました!

Although there were relatively limited number of dishes, the food was actually as good as (some were even better than) that served in restaurants in China Town, so we no longer have to go to China Town to eat dim sum!

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