Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lunch at Clam Box

今日は Ipswich にある、蛤のフライで有名な Clam Box へやって来ました。11時開店なので、それに合わせて10分ほど前に着くと、もう既にかなりの人が並んでいました。

Today we came to Clam Box in Ipswich.  This shop is famous for fried clams.  We arrived 10 min before it's opening at 11:00 am, but several people were already in line and waiting.

Poirot も一緒なので外のベンチで食べることに。一応今のところはおとなしく待っています。

Since Poirot was with us, we sat at a table outside.  He was quietly waiting for our food to arrive! 
これが蛤のフライ。オニオンリング、コールスローも付いていてボリューム満点! 味は悪くはないですが、期待していたほどではありませんでした。夫は Clam Shack の方がおいしいといってました。私は Neptune Oyster のが一番好きです。

This is the fried clam plate.  It came with onion rings and cole slaw - a huge portion!  The clams were not bad, but not as good as I expected...  My husband preferred the fried clams at Clam Shack.  My favorite is Neptune Oyster's one.
もう一つ、ハドック (コダラ) のフライも注文。揚げ物ばかりだと、さすがに途中で胸やけがしてきます。二人で一皿で十分です。

We also ordered the fried haddock mini-plate.  We had too much of fried stuff and couldn't finish all.  I think one plate is more than enough for 2 people.
Poirot はいつものように食べたそうにしていましたが、フライを食べさせるわけには行かないので、一緒に付いて来たロールパンを少しちぎってやりました。

As always, Poirot was very interested in our food, but we didn't want to give him fried food so instead, I gave him a piece of bread that came with the plate.
食後は Clam Box のすぐ近くにある White Farms でアイスクリーム。

After the meal, we went to White Farms for some ice cream.

A statue of cow is the sigh for this shop.

SO many flavors were available, so it took us some time to decide what we want, but eventually decided to get coffee and ram raisin.
Poirot にはラムレーズンは無理なのでコーヒーの方を少しおすそ分け。大喜びで食べてました。

Poirot should not eat raisins, so my husband gave him a little bit of coffee ice cream.  He was so happy to eat it!


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