Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip to San Diego & Los Angeles - Day 1 (2)

夕食は L'Auberge というホテルの中にある Kitchen 1540 というレストランで。

Our dinner tonight was at Kitchen 1540 inside the hotel called L'Auberge.

Several tables were available outside.  It was a bit chilly at night, and the fire was on.  I used to have an idea that it got very hot in summer in San Diego, but actually it was very comfortable by the sea - highest temp. ~75°F.  But I heard it gets quite hot inland.

We sat inside.  I was expecting the restaurant more formal, but it was in a casual setting.  

Three kinds of bread were served - focaccia type of bread with grapes, baguette, and bread with olives.  My favorite was the one with olives, but the baguette was so so.
夫はカリフォルニアのワイン (Zinfandel – Eberle 2007, Paso Robles, California) を注文。

My husband ordered Zinfandel (Eberle 2007, Paso Robles, California).
帆立のカルパッチョ。帆立がすごく甘い! 柔らかい帆立とその上に乗っているカリカリしたもの (何かわからなかったのですが)、そして蕪のパリッとした食感を一度に楽しめ、一品目からかなり満足。

The scallop carpaccio.  The scallops were very sweet!  And I enjoyed a variety of different textures all at once in my mouth - tender scallops, crispy radish slices, and something very crunchy (I don't know what it was) that was on top of the scallops.  Very satisfied!
はまちのお刺身 (?)。これもお魚がとても新鮮。お魚の周りにある丸いものは、しし唐の天麩羅。

The yellowtail dish.  The fish was very fresh.  The round stuff around the fish was fried shishito peppers, which I love.

This is the grilled whole red snapper (called "tai" in Japanese).  This fish tends to get dry when it is grilled, but this was perfectly cooked - still very moist.  Shishito peppers were also used as a side in this dish.  I realized much more Japanese ingredients in California than in Boston.  I have never seen shishito peppers used in Boston restaurant...

This is the roasted ram, which served with a poached egg.

The meat was juicy (and no smell), and even I could eat it (I usually don't like ram).  Under the meat were  some fiddle heads and other kinds of vegetables.

For the dessert, we chose the fried coconuts and pineapples.  I'd have never had fried coconuts before - very interesting.  All the dish we tried were very creative and the good portions.  I love restaurants in California! 

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