Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poirot's Birthday Celebration!

今日、6月7日は Poirot のお誕生日! Poirot は今日で3歳になりました。Whole Foods で買ってきた大きな牛の骨とカップケーキ (ケーキは人間用なので Poirot は食べられませんが) でお祝いです。

Today, June 7th, is Poirot's 3rd birthday!  He became 3 years old.  I bought a big rib bone and a cupcake (the cake is for human, so Poirot couldn't eat) from Whole Foods to celebrate his birthday.
パーティー用の紙でできた帽子を被せたら、Poirot は凍りついてしまいました。すごい顔。

I put a cone shaped party hat on him, and he freaked out...  What a face...
"僕の頭に載っているものは何~? 怖くて動けない~。でも骨は食べたい~。"

"What the heck is on my head??  I am too scared to move...  But I want the bone!!"

After a while, he got used to it and could look at the camera.  We lit the candle and sang the "Happy Birthday" song for him!

Then we gave him the bone, and he immediately went to the backyard and ate it.  He was deeply concentrated on eating!  Happy Birthday, Poirot!!

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