Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner at Pho Hoa

今日は近所のベトナム料理店、Pho Hoa に夕食を食べに来ました。

Tonight we came to Pho Hoa near our home to have some Vietnamese food.

The shrimp spring rolls.

As usual, my husband ordered the beef pho.  I've never seen him ordering something elese...
私は何にしようか迷ったのですが、ブンボーチャー (Bun Bo Cha) という、海老のすり身のお団子入りのスープヌードルにしてみました。

I couldn't decide what to order, but eventually tried another kind of noodle soup, "Bun Bo Cha" (with shrimp meat balls). 

The noodles used in this dish was different kind from the pho.  The soup was spicy and not bad.  I think I like this soup better than pho..

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