Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner at All Seasons Table

今夜はまたまた近所の All Seasons Table へやって来ました。ここへ来たのはかなり久しぶり。今回はそんなにおなかがすいてなかったので、バーカウンターに座って軽く食べることに。

Tonight we had the dinner in out neighbourfood again - this time, at All Seasons Table.  We were not too hungry so decided to sit at the bar.

The people siting next to us were eating this dish - the shrimp lettus wraps - which looked delicious, so we ordered the same one.  But the shripm/vegetables were cooked too sweet for our taste.  A little bit disappointing..

The seafood pancake.  it was good, but I didn't see much seafood in it...

The chicken wings..  Crispy outside and juicy & tender inside - chicken itself was good.  But again, he sauce was too sweet.  We ate them without the sauce.  I guess this restaurant serves Americanized Asian dishes.  That may be the reason we didn't see any other Asian people here.

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