Thursday, June 2, 2011

Corporate Challenge

今日は、Corporate Challenge というチャリティーイベントのレースに同僚と共に参加しました。これは世界6カ国、12都市で毎年行われるレースで、会社ごとに参加します。私の会社 (& 夫の会社) も毎年参加しています。参加料 (会社持ち) がチャリティーに寄付されます。ボストンでは600以上の企業から計12,000人ほどが参加したらしいです。午後7時15分、Boston Common からスタートして3.5 マイル (約 5 km) を走るまたは歩きます。

Today I participated in JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, a world-wide series of 3.5-mile running events open to groups of full-time employees from organizations within the business and public sectors.  It is for supporting charities and institutions that contribute to an overall quality of life in the communities served by JP Morgan Chase.  In Boston, 12,000 people from more than 600 companies joined the event.  The race started at 7:15 pm from Boston Common.
去年までは毎年同僚と一緒に歩いていたのですが、今年はスタートしてすぐにはぐれてしまい、しょうがないので頑張って走ってみることにしました。とはいえ普段全く運動してないので 5 km もノンストップで走れるはずもなく、途中で歩いたりしながらだったので走り終わるまで45分もかかってしまいました。疲れた~。

Until last year, I always walked with my colleagues, but this year I lost them at the beginning of the race (too many people!), so I decided to give it a try and run!  But I don't do any exercise and thus of course  couldn't run 3.5 miles non-stop.  I ran, walked, then ran again and it took ~45 min to finish.  I was exhausted at the end!

走り終わった後は夫と合流して、すぐ近くのチャイナタウンへ夕食を食べに行きました。この日はすごく寒かったので温かいものが食べたくて、永新 (Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant) で海老雲呑麺を注文。

After the race, I met my husband (his company also participated) and went to China Town for late dinner.  It was very cold tonight and I wanted to eat something warm, so we decided to go to Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant and ordered the shrimp wonton noodle soup.

And also the fish porridge.  It had a lot of ginger and made me warm!

And one more dish, the fish and vegetable hot pot.  Once I became full, I felt so sleepy and also my muscles were already very sore...  I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow.  I wish I could a sick day off....

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